The Great Spiritual Chain Tariqiya Jahangeriya Usmania

Alhamdu Lillah, with the blessings of our beloved Spiritual Leader (Mian Sahib), and with the guidance of our Teacher, International Religious and Spiritual Scholar Pir Tareeqat Mufti Asif Saeed Qadri Shazli, a complete book on Spiritual Cure has been launched, in which there is complete Spiritual Course and the principles for its use. In this book, there are; “Chahal Kaaf”, “Dua Radd us Sahar”, “Naad-e-Ali Shreef”, “Dua Zajar Shareef”, “Surah Falaq”, “Surah Naas”, “Dua Hizb-ul-Bahar Shareef”, “Dua-e-Saifi Shareef”, “Surah Muzzammil Shareef”, “Surah Ikhlas Shareef”, “Hisar-e-Ghousia Shareef”, “Ayat Qutub Junoobi”, “Ayat Qutub Shumali”, “Dua-e-Barhati Shareef”, How to pay Zakat and write; “Naqsh-e-Saifi”, “Naqsh-e-Harkara”, “Naqsh-e-Musallas”, “Naqsh-e-Murabba”, “Naqsh of 15”, “Naqsh for Bath”, “Naqsh for Burning”, “Principles of Ilm-ul-Aadad”, “How to write naqoosh for all the Surah and Duas”, “How to perform transfer with all the Duas and Surah”, “How to burn a Jinn”, “Cure for Paranormal”, “Cure for many diseases” and much more.

You can also get the benefits with the experiences of Hazrat Sahib. The charges for this book is PKR 1000/-

International clients can also get this book in PDF format. You can also make the payment via PayPal.

If you want to get this book from within Pakistan, you can get it via courier from Tariqiya Roohani Center (Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi).

Call to order this book: 03102880751 & 03422953425