Muraqba Course | Meditation Course Coming Soon

Muraqba course | meditation course coming soon


Huwal Qadir | Huwal Haq | Huwal Mueen

The rules of Meditation (muraqba), practice of Mediation and theory.

You will Learn:
What is Meditation?
Can Mediation be considered Rohani energy?
Does meditation form a protective force field?
What is the best form of meditation?
How to heal people with Mediation?

The world of Spirituality and Lataif.
Learn of the 7 different levels regarding Lataif, their colors, and which Nabi they are related to. Etc

The course consists of 8 live lectures. Once a week, where you can ask any follow up questions relating to prior practice. Students are advised to mediate at least 30 minutes to properly learn meditation.

Limited Seats. Register now.

Tariqiya Rohani Center

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