Rohani Amalyat Course

Rohani Amalyat Course is self paced Spiritual Course which anybody can learn at the convenience of their home. This course is designed, keeping in mind that not everybody is from spiritual background. Even if you are from some other spiritual chain or even if you are “Bai’t ” from some “Silsilah”, you can still join this course. Only 2 hours a day at your own home will entitle you to be able to resolve other peoples’ spiritual problems. The total duration of this course is 6 months. We have the aim to spread the light of Spiritualism all over the world so that more and more people can learn and help other people, who lose their money by falling in wrong hands. However there is a small fee that needs to be paid to get enroll in this Spiritual Course. If you cannot pay the total fees at once, there are options available; you can pay in installments. Please see the right side and get enrolled.

Current Students

Rohani Amalyat Course

  • 6 Months Course
  • 2 Hours a Day
  • Self Paced

Personal Appointment for Spiritual Problem

Tariqiya Rohani Center has been in Spiritual Solution Services for more than 15 years, under the authority of internationally renowned Spiritual and Islamic Scholar, Mufti Asif Saeed Qadri Shazli. Personally, he had been providing Rohani Solutions to many high-end clients, publicly and personally. For common and small Spiritual Problems, many of Mufti Sahib’s students are working for the benefit of people. He, himself works day and night to help people. If you want personal appointment with Mufti Asif Saeed Qadri Shazli, please fill the form on the right side. Please keep in mind that,

Fees for personal appointment, PKR 3000/- will be applicable.

This fees is not only for personal appointment but also includes the “Taweezat”, Magic Removal, Spiritual Solution and guidance by HIMSELF; Hazrat Mufti Asif Saeed Qadri Shazli.

***Please use this form only if you want a personal appointment / physical meeting with Mufti Sahib. General inquires will not be entertained or replied. Please be advised.

Helped People

Book Personal Appointment

    OPD for Spiritual Problem

    OPD at Tariqiya Rohani Center, Al Noor Welfare Foundation has been in service forlast many years. On every Sunday. its open for the people who want to meet Hazrat Mufti Asif Saeed Qadri Shazli. However because its OPD, you may have to wait for your turn. OPD at Tariqiya Rohani Center, Al Noor Welfare Foundation works from 9 AM till 4 PM on every Sunday. It works on first come first serve bases. Token booking is from 8 AM to 10 AM every Sunday.Please arrange your time accordingly.

    CLICK HERE for Location

    OPD Spiritual Services

    Working Time: 8 AM to 4 PM every Sunday
    Token timing: 8 AM to 10 AM
    Services timings: 9 AM to 4 PM

    Fees for OPD: PKR 300/-

    Online Magic Removal Services

    Tariqiya Rohani Center, Al Noor Welfare Foundation also provide Online Magic Removal Services for the clients who cannot visit OPD. “Online Jadoo ki Katt” will be performed for 7 or 9 weeks (Once in a week), alongside with “Online Kaat”, Taweezat and other things (Loban, Bakhoor, etc ) will also be sent for 2 months to the clients within Pakistan. For international clients only Taweezat will be sent but not the other things. As every case is different, please Tariqiya Rohani Center Call Center for more information. Your case will be diagnosed individually, and then you will be informed the solution, fees and how to proceed. Online Kaat will be done via video link (WHATSAPP, SKYPE etc) for 7 or 9 weeks (Once a week).