Noor ul Quran Islamic Academy 

Alhamdulillah, Noor ul Quran Islamic Academy is a such a great Islamic Academy where around 350 students study Hifz ul Quran, Nazira Quran, Traditional Education, and Computer Education from Montessori to 10th Class. Such a great institution always need financial help to support its noble cause. If you want to support this academy with you “Sadqa, Fitrah”, let us inform you that average expense per student is around PKR 1200/- per month. (or around US$ 8/Month). If you want to support, you can use following information to send your financial donation. Following are few images of our Noor ul Quran Islamic Academy.

Donation Us

1: By Mobi Cash:

Account Number: 03212782540
Account Title: Muhammad Asif


2: By Bank Account:

Account Title: Muhammad Asif
IBAN: PK08BAHL1067098101517201
Bank Name: Bank Al Habib
Country: Pakistan

3: Paypal